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This library provides an easy way to generate filtered data compatible with the Configuration Data Migration Tool. These zip files can be used to push specific records between Dynamics 365 environments using the Dynamics 365 Package Deployer.

The Microsoft.Xrm.DevOps.Data.PowerShell wrapper uses the Microsoft.Xrm.DevOps.Data library providing a simple PowerShell interface to export data from Dynamics 365.


The PowerShell module has been posted to PowerShell Gallery. Install using their standard commands -

Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Xrm.DevOps.Data.PowerShell

Example Code

$Conn = Get-CrmConnection -Interactive
$anotherPackage = Get-CrmDataPackage -Conn $Conn -Fetches @("<fetch><entity name='account'><all-attributes/></entity></fetch>");
Get-CrmDataPackage -Conn $Conn -Fetches `
    @("<fetch><entity name='contact'><all-attributes/></entity></fetch>", "<fetch><entity name='category'><all-attributes/></entity></fetch>") `
    | Add-FetchesToCrmDataPackage -Conn $Conn -Fetches @("<fetch><entity name='knowledgearticle'><all-attributes/></entity></fetch>") `
    | Merge-CrmDataPackage -AdditionalPackage $anotherPackage `
    | Remove-CrmDataPackage -RemovePackage $anotherPackage `
    | Export-CrmDataPackage -ZipPath $env:USERPROFILE\Downloads\

Get-CrmDataPackage -Conn $Conn -Fetches @("<fetch><entity name='contact'><all-attributes/></entity></fetch>") -Identifiers @{ "contact" = @("firstname", "lastname", "birthdate") } -DisablePluginsGlobally $true | Export-CrmDataPackage -ZipPath "$env:USERPROFILE\Desktop\";



Returns object CrmDataPackage used by this module
-Fetches takes an array of fetches 
    e.g. @($fetch1, $fetch2);
-Identifiers Dictionary<String, String[]>
    Default is the primarykey
    e.g. @{ "contact" = @("firstname", "lastname", "birthdate") };
-DisablePlugins Dictionary<String, Boolean>
    Default is false
    e.g. @{ "contact" = $false };
-DisablePluginsGlobally Boolean
    e.g. $false;


Returns object CrmDataPackage
Takes a CrmDataPackage input from pipeline or variable as well as the inputs Get-CrmDataPackage takes.


Returns object CrmDataPackage
Takes two CrmDataPackages as inputs. Values in the second package override the first.


Returns nothing.
-Package takes a CrmDataPackage
-ZipPath takes a path to the zip file where data will be saved.


Returns object CrmDataPackage
-ZipPath takes a path to the zip file that will be imported.


Returns object CrmDataPackage
-SourcePackage is the package data will be removed from.
-RemovePackage is the package that will be removed. Identical attributes are first removed, and if an entity is empty it will then also be removed.


Contains three XmlDocuments representing the three XML files that go in a Configuration Migration Data Package.